Return of goods



Every user has the right to return (at their expense) the product within 14 work days of its receipt on the following conditions:

  • the product is undamaged;
  • it is stored in the original packaging and its commercial appearance is intact.

The item is to be returned to the same commercial address or Speedy Courier’s office where it was initially sent from, at the buyer’s expense. The buyer is to contact us at or call +359 884787032 to inform us of their product return. Bambuki EOOD is obliged to reimburse the buyer within 14 work days of its receipt or to replace it.

How to return an item

1) Fill in the Return Form and note the reasons for the return.

2) Place the item you wish to return in the package you have received it in, including the Return Form. Please, do not forget the Return Form should always be included in the return package.

3) Send the parcel back with Speedy Bulgaria Courier Company. You can do so directly from one of their offices or contact them at 07001 7300 (at the rate of an urban call or according to your operator’s rates) to arrange the return.

Returns are at the client’s expense.

Return to:

Company: Bambuki LTD.

Phone: +359 884787032

Address: Bulgaria/Sofia 1618

46 Lerin str.

Representative: Bambuki LTD.

ATTENTION: In case of a defective product or wrong item, Bambuki LTD. will cover all courier costs for return, as described above.

4) For cash-on-delivery orders, please register your bank account details in the Return Form, so we can refund the sum.All bank transfer fees are at the expense of the client.

5) Please, do not forget to note your order number in case you need to contact Customer Support.

6) The return fee is determined by Speedy or DPD Courier . If the client has not paid the return fee, it will be subtracted from the sum to be refunded for the order.

7) After we receive your parcel, we will send you a confirmation via e-mail that the order has been successfully returned. If you chose to return an item or a whole order, its value will be reimbursed through the bank transfer method by subtracting all return fees in case they have not yet been paid. An order paid by card will usually be reimbursed on the same bank account you have used for the said payment. A cash-on-delivery order will acquire your bank account information.

The bank account holder’s name should match the name of the website account at

If you have any questions or recommendations concerning our products, their delivery, payment or your experience on our website, please contact us on

Item replacement

The customer has the right to require an item replacement within 30 work days of its receipt through the Return / Replacement Form in the event the item does not correspond to the product that has been paid for, or has any manufacturing faults.

The customer needs to present a purchase receipt or a document for the delivery by Speedy or DPD Courier.

The supplier has the right to refuse the replacement if the item is unclean or damaged and if it is missing its original packaging.

The supplier replaces the item with an item of the same kind and quality or, if unavailable, with a product of the same value of the client’s choice. In case the item was purchased at a promotional sale price, the client can receive replacement with another item of the same value that was paid for the original item. Replacement delivery fees are at the customer’s expense.

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